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Those interested in this site may reasonably be assumed to also have some interest in books about its subject. Here, in association with The Book Depository and AbeBooks, we make it easy for you to browse and, if you choose, purchase from our virtual book shop of vegetables books.

Book Sources

About The Book Depository

There are many places on the internet that sell books, but if you run any reasonable number of random samples through a price-comparison service, you will reliably find that for new books The Book Depository is highly competitive—often the lowest price. Moreover, The Book Depository always offers free delivery, to almost anywhere in the world (over 100 countries), with every order. You don't have to pad your order with books you might not really want just to meet some price quota to get free shipping: with The Book Depository, each and every book costs you exactly the price you see, delivered.

The Book Depository, founded in 2004, is already the fastest growing bookseller in Europe, shipping to thousands of customers every day throughout the world. They have over a million customers and a reputation for extremely high service levels. A large percentage of their customers are very loyal, placing orders time and again. The Book Depository focuses on selling "less of more" rather than "more of less"—that is, they differentiate themselves from other retailers who increasingly focus on bestsellers. The Book Depository currently has over six million unique titles they can ship within 48 hours, a figure that increases every day. They even list and supply books from other retailers, to assure thoroughness.

Speaking of thoroughness: of the roughly 30 million titles ever printed in the English language, only a few million are still in print. The Book Depository seeks to make available as many of these titles as possible, so as to have the largest breadth of available titles in the world. In fact, where books are no longer in print—or are only poorly available—The Book Depository is working to make them available again by republishing them through their own "Dodo Press" imprint (which already has re-published over fifteen thousand out-of-print or hard-to-find titles), making those titles available again to readers. In fact, most Dodo Press titles are available from The Book Depository as free downloads.

About AbeBooks

Turning from new books to used books, the obvious market-dominating champion is AbeBooks. AbeBooks is actually a centralized aggregator through which many thousands of booksellers make available their inventory of used books, offering literally millions of books. It maintains a blog and reader forums, but above all it makes buying used books easy and economical.

Vegetables Books

Seemingly endless shelves of books.

Our software goes out every night and, through a special data interface, queries The Book Depository for vegetables books , which is normally a great many titles. Today, we have 53 vegetables books from the Book Depository site, books that you can read about—and, if you like, conveniently buy right here, right now. And, for each of those books, it also provides a link to an AbeBooks search for used copies of that book.

Here's how you can see all those titles:

There is a set of 28 pages, one for each letter of the alphabet, one for titles that begin with a numeral, and one for titles that begin with something yet else. Books are each listed on those pages by the first letter of the first word of their title—except for titles beginning with A, An, or The, which are listed by their second word.

A typical entry on one of the alphabetical set of book-title pages might look like this randomly selected sample:

book cover Vegetables -Mayuras Popular Book of Copy Colour

This edition is currently out of stock new.
"Out of stock" refers to availability at The Book Depository US site.

But you can look for used copies at AbeBooks (click this link).

That's all pretty simple and self-evident: the book's title, which is a click-on link to the full "details" page at The Book Depository; the book's author (or compiler), whose name is a clickable link to a search for more books from him or her; the book's publisher; the book's format (hardcover or paperback); the book's price; the book's current availability status new; and a link to a search for used copies of that particular book at AbeBooks.

(Should the book be unavailable new, as indicated by the phrase "This edition is currently out of stock new" in the listing, the title will instead also be a link to used copies at AbeBooks.)

To see the pages you'd get if you clicked on the title or the AbeBooks link, well, click on them (that sample above works). Before you do, though, let us note that each page—whether at The Book Depository or at AbeBooks—will open in a new tab (if your browser has tabbed browsing) or a new browser window (if it doesn't); this page, or whatever page you were on, will remain in place so you don't have to do repeated "Back Button" clicks to get back to it. (There are no hidden "you're buying it" gotchas on this site; if you decide you want the book, you buy it on the Book Depository's or AbeBooks' site.)

And again: you can also click on the author's (or compilers') name and see all titles by that author; and yes, that also works in the sample above.

A Few Special "Vegetables"-Book Recommendations

We list here a few books that we heartily recommend to anyone seriously interested in vegetables. These are by no means all the books that we have on our shelves ourselves, but each of them is one of the books that we have.

(Note that the prices shown for new books can vary from time to time: click on a title to get exactly up-to-the-minute price and availability information.)
  • book cover How to Grow More Vegetables: And Fruits, Nuts, Berries, Grains, and Other Crops Than You Ever Thought Possible On Less Land Than You Can Imagine
    by John Jeavons of Ecology Action
    This is the definitive book on the "scientific" way to do things.
    (In print.)

  • book cover The New Self-Sufficient Gardener
    by John Seymour
    And this is the definitive book on the "common-sensical" way to do things--the same ideas as the book above, but in a homey, conversational (yet quite detailed) presentation.
    (In print.)

  • book cover The Vegetable Garden
    by M. M. Vilmorin-Andrieux
    This is a modern reprint of a wonderful book--a vast compendium of information ofthe cultivars of vegetables, including many you've never even heard of--first published in 1885 but that is still a valuable resource for anyone not deeply enamored of hybrids.
    (In print.)

  • book cover 100 Heirloom Tomatoes for the American Garden
    by Dr. Carolyn J. Male
    She is the doyenne of heirloom-tomato experts.
    (In print.)

  • book cover Melons For the Passionate Grower
    by Amy Goldman
    Amy Goldman (who known Carolyn Male--see above) has another winner to follow her heirloom melons success.
    (Out of print--link is to used copies.)

  • book cover The Heirloom Tomato
    by Amy Goldman
    Amy Goldman (who known Carolyn Male--see above) has another winner to follow her heirloom melons success.
    (In print.)

  • book cover Four-Season Harvest: Organic Vegetables from Your Home Garden All Year Long
    by Eliot Coleman
    Growing veggies through the winter (and summer) in Maine.
    (In print.)

  • book cover Seed to Seed: Seed Saving and Growing Techniques for Vegetable Gardeners
    by Suzanne Ashworth
    This is the definitive seed-saving and seed-starting manual--the one far and away most often recommended by seed houses, which, we think, says it all.
    (In print.)

  • book cover Taylor's Guide to Vegetables and Herbs
    by Norman Taylor et al
    This "pocket guide" is extraordinarily valuable because of its wonderful series of photographs of each vegetable and herb described; but the concise yet complete entries themselves are also quite useful in a summary way.
    (In print.)

  • book cover Taylor's Guide to Heirloom Vegetables
    by Benjamin Watson
    Like the item above, except, of course, focussed on "heirloom" varieties; it makes a good companion to the book above, or is quite useful on its own.
    (Out of print--link is to used copies.)

  • book cover Herbs, Spices, and Flavorings
    by Tom Stobart
    The renowned food expert Craig Claiborne, long the food editor of The New York Times, put it succinctly: "Tom Stobart is the authority on herbs." And it's true: this is an indispensible book to anyone interested in cooking with or in growing food flavorings.
    (In print.)

  • book cover The Big Book of Herbs
    by Tom DeBaggio and Dr. Arthur Tucker
    A collaboration between an long-time recognized expert herb grower and one of the nation's foremost botanical experts on herbs, this book clarifies the muddy messof modern herb classification and provides a wealth of detail on growing herbs.
    (In print.)

  • book cover Carrots Love Tomatoes
    by Louise Riotte
    The most thorough guide available to "companion planting"--the idea that certain plants very much help or hinder the growth of certain other plants when the two are planted close together. No positive science that we know of, but a principle widely believed in by many wise, veteran gardeners.
    (In print.)

  • book cover Rodale's Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening
    by Marshall Bradley, Barbara W. Ellis (Editor)
    It really is what its title says: an encyclopedia. No one article exhausts the possibilities of its subject, but it's sort of the Joy of Cooking of gardening--whatever you want to know about, there's at least some useful information in it.
    (In print.)

  • book cover The Backyard Berry Book
    by Stella Otto
    Lots of handy, practical advice on, yes, how to grow berry plants of all sorts in your back yard; it covers quite a number of berry types, with some advice on cultivar selection.
    (In print.)

  • book cover The Backyard Orchardist
    by Stella Otto
    Lots of handy, practical advice on, why yes, how to grow fruit trees of all sorts in your back yard; it covers quite a number of types, with some advice on cultivar selection.
    (In print.)

  • book cover Root Cellaring
    by Nancy & Mike Bubel
    Considered the leading work on this classic method of winter-storing the produce of your garden; includes many plans, at all levels of sophistication, for making a "root cellar".
    (In print.)

  • book cover Let It Rot!
    by Stu Campbell
    "The Gardener's Guide to Composting"--and that is pretty much what it is, a sound, basic handbook on this subject of vital inportance to every serious home vegetable gardener.
    (In print.)

  • book cover Gardening When It Counts: Growing Food in Hard Times
    by Steve Solomon
    An alternative to intensively cultivated raised-bed gardening, from the founder of Territorial Seed Company, emphasizing simple, basic tools and techniques.
    (In print.)

Books on Other Subjects

a full bookcase

We make it easy for you to locate books on vegetables, but you are not limited to such books. After all, The Book Depository sells pretty much every single title actually in print, and AbeBooks carries pretty much every single title that ever was in print.

If you want to try just a "simple" search at The Book Depository, you can do that right here. Enter any of one or more keywords, a full or partial book title, an author name, or an ISBN (or a mix of those):

Or, if you want to do a slightly more complex "advanced" search at The Book Depository, you can go direct to The Book Depository's search page (which will open in a new browser window or tab).

If instead you want to search AbeBooks, you can start at the AbeBooks main page.

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