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About Us

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A picture of us

We are Eric Walker and Lynn Walker. We have several diverse interests, which are reflected in the several quite different web sites we try to maintain (it’s forever a juggling act, with most of those sites behindhand at any given moment). You can see the whole menu at our main site, Owlcroft (which also includes links to personal sites for each of us).

Of the lot, one is especially closely related to this one, in that if we grow vegetables, it follows that we have to cook some of them, and there is no better method of cooking than an induction cooktop—so we run The Induction Site, which is all about what induction is, why it is so superior to everything else.

And, because we agree with the old Italian saying Un pranzo senza vino รจ come una giornata senza sole (“a meal without wine is like a day without sunshine”), we also run a wine website, memorably (we hope) titled That Useful Wine Site.

That’s us!

If it amuses you, try to guess which is the one of us who—

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Since you're growing your own vegetables and fruits, shouldn't you be cooking them in the best way possible?
Visit The Induction Site to find out what that best way is!

If you like good-tasting food, perhaps you are interested in good-tasting wines as well?
Visit That Useful Wine Site for advice and recommendations for both novices and experts.

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