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(Rheum x cultorum)

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We’re still not decided yet whether to dedicate space for this perennial. It’s OK, rhubarb pies are good, but are they good enough—and do we want them often enough?—to justify the effort and ground area? We know it grows well in our climate: our first house out here, a little over a mile away from where we are now, came with a large patch of rhubarb (none of which we ever harvested, but it thrived with nearly zero attention).

We haven’t really studied this vegetable, but the type Valentine sounds the most promising.

Though we have no information to report till we decide, there is a stunningly complete rhubarb resource on line, linked farther below.


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Rhubarb leaves are toxic. And, even though it is the stems that are normally eaten, people with a tendency to rheumatism, arthritis, gout, kidney stones, or hyperacidity should be cautious about eating rhubarb, which can aggravate those conditions.

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