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Vegetable-Gardening Sites & Links

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These lists are not and do not pretend to be comprehensive, but we think they catch most of what's important out there. We put quite some time into assembling them, but invariably there will be many fine, useful sites we will have missed. The reason for providing a less-than-exhaustive list is (it's a household motto around here) that some of something is better than all of nothing--that is, better to provide some leads than do none just because you can't do all. If you know of a site you consider vital that's not listed here, please do let us know. Anyway, here they are: poke, probe, play, have fun.

(Also recall that the web is not all of the internet: there is a lot of very useful information available on "usenet", sometimes called "groups" or "news groups". You can easily access usenet through Google's searches: before entering your search terms, click the Groups tab on the main Google page. Usenet groups of especial interest include rec.gardens.edible, rec.gardens, and probably anything with "cook" or "cooking" in its name.)

Note that in these lists. we have omitted pages primarily concerned with diseases of vegetable plants--if you have problems, you'll doubtless do your own search-engine hunt; the pages we list are for general information on growing edibles. We have also omitted pages that are individual messages on archived message boards--there are far too many such to list individually.

General Sites

The sites listed below are "general" in the sense that they are not particular to just one or a few vegetable types. A few of these links are specialized in some other way (such as how to determine your USDA Zone), but most are broad-coverage vegetable-gardening sites, usually with numerous articles or pages on individual vegetables and often with other gardening-related information. We have not bothered to describe them extensively because most gardeners will simply hop to a site and quickly form their own opinions on its usefulness or uselessness for their individual needs.

Naturally, you can and should poke around each site--go to its home page if that's not where we place you on the site--and see what else they have besides what caught our eyes.

"Gateway" Sites

These are sites that are major link collections: "gateways" to other sites.

AgriGator: worldwide agricultural sites - a huge collection

Gardening Links: a part of the amazing WWW Virtual Library meta-site

The Gardening Launch Pad: almost too much information

General Gardening and Home Fruit Links: from the Pollination Home Page

The Garden Gate: from PrairieNet

Garden Blogs: a comprehensive list from Cold-Climate Gardening

Specialty Sites/Pages

Plants For A Future Plant Database: powerful & thorough - this is a great resource

How to Compost: Composting Instructions: extraordinarily thorough, and a very well-constructed site

Preventing Plant Disease By Crop Rotation: good information on a crucial subject

Temperature Effect On Vegetable Seeds: a full lecture on an important topic

Companion Planting: interesting advice from the Canberra Organic Growers Society

The Nutrition Garden: wanna really be self-sufficient? Check this out!

Neglected Horticultural Crops: subtitled 1492 From a Different Perspective, this fascinating (and extensive) page lists eight fine crops now largely (though not entirely) and unjustly neglected

Growing Herbs for the Home Gardener: lengthy tables of useful information

California Rare Fruit Growers: a deep and wide source of information on less-common fruits and berries (many perfectly good to grow in most climates)

The Weekend Gardener: more or less useful and varied information

The Pollination Home Page: pollination information, with helpful images

Edible Landscaping & Gardening: "every perennial plant that is worth growing for the sake of its produce, and that is hardy in at least 3 USDA hardiness zones"

Heirloom/OP Sites

The Heirloom Vegetable Gardener's Assistant: self-describing

Seeds Of Diversity: Canada's Heritage Seed-Saving Network

Cooperative/Extension-Service Sites

Alphabetical by State--you can visit the AgriGator site for a fuller list, but these are the ones that turn up regularly in searches for vegetable information. (This list is alphabetical by State.)

U. Arizona Cooperative Extension: Selected Vegetable Crops

Colorado State U.: Horticulture Online

FVSU (Georgia): Vegetables

U. Illinois: Vegetables

Michigan State U.: Vegetable Bulletins

Missouri U: Horticulture Publications

Ohio State U.: Plant Facts - huge, multi-institution searchable database

Oregon State U. Commercial Vegetable Production Guides: useful to home gardeners, too

Texas A&M: Horticulture

Virginia Cooperative Extension: Vegetable Home Gardening

W. Virginia U. Extension: Home & Commercial Gardening

Regional Sites

Most or all of these provide information of fairly general (as opposed to strictly regional) usefulness.

Organic Gardening in Central Oregon: a whole book on growing in a tough climate

Growing Tree Fruit at Home in Eastern Washington: from WSU

Vegetable Growing Guides (New York State recommendations): from Cornell U.

Santa Clara County Master Gardeners: Vegetable Recommendations (coastal California)

Slugs & Salal [sic]: Vegetables (coastal NorthWest)

Other General Sites

Vegetable Garden Harvest: a compact guide to vegetable gardening, succinctly covering both vegetables and herbs.

Gardening Advice: a broad-based site on vegetables, fruit, and herbs in the home garden; it looks both useful and well laid out.

Royal Horticultural Society Plant Selector: a detailed cultivar chooser for the U.K.

Vegetable Types: from the Natural Food Hub - the whole site is a great resource

Tom Clothier's Garden Walk and Talk: with many excellent lectures from expert horticulturists - a strong, well-organized resource

Garden Guides: vegetables

Due North: vegetable grower's gardening guide (a commercial site--sort of--but good)

My Garden: home-improvement and gardening information for Australia.

Growing Hints: useful "teasers" of data from a company that sells gardening software

Vegetable-Specific Sites

We have disassembled this list: vegetable-specific links now appear on the individual pages here dedicated to the particular vegetables themselves.

Seed & Plant Sellers

Our set of lists of seed and plant sellers is a page of its own.

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